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ever taken a shit so raw you could call it a mammoth grinder

im skyping with people right now and i just fucking lost my shit in front of everyone as soon as i saw this


My yes voting neighbours car has just been smashed by a squad of 12 no voters. It’s suspected they’ve smashed about 4 more on the way. My uncle almost got attacked for trying to chase them off. I’m in Livingston and the police are not coming
This is not Glasgow this is 35 miles away
Please everyone in Scotland brace yourselves and hide all yes stickers

the rawest thing i ever did in my life was take a huge shit while listening to genocide pact


He’s just mad because he can’t acquire all the apple juice that I’m acquiring. (x)


123 Ideas for Character Flaws
daily reminder to listen to the new genocide pact single
Iron Lung - Disgusting Body
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Iron Lung - Disgusting Body


One corgi, two corgi, three corgi, four corgi…


list of ninja turtle redesigns that look like quentin tarantino

Cynic - I'm But a Wave To...
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Cynic | I’m But a Wave To…





being a cishet looks boring why do people do that

Idk maybe bc sexuality/gender isnt based on how cool or interesting an individual wants to look

yeah but why be boring when u can be awesome and not cishet

yeah but why treat lgbt+ identities like some trendy fashion accessory that ppl can just slap on to look cool when u could not act like a complete idiot






This is the threat. British nationalism. Not Scottish nationalism. In the city that voted Yes. Back to this kind of Glasgow. Nazi salutes and chants about the famine. 

Stabbing of a Yes voter, scuffles with the police, nazi salutes, fascism, bigotry, hatred, intolerance, Saltire burning and young women being terrorised on the street. To think Wednesday night the same square was full of families, hope and laughter. These are the brave guardians of our United Kingdom! Better together eh? Not with you lot.

Scotland’s Shame.


Friends if you are around tonight, be safe. Glasgow City centre is not safe.

"Glasgow deserves to burn for voting Yes" is a quote from one of these guys, which is fun.